Hired an Albany Roofing Company to Repair My Shingles

As a former roofer, I remember getting lots of calls from individuals who were basically telling me about their problem and asking if it was a big enough deal to warrant a roofing company coming out for an estimate or if they could do the job themselves.  While it’s impossible to really be sure without looking at your roof issue, I can help to some extent by explaining some problems you may experience and if the fix is a DIY possibility or not.  First and foremost, if your trouble involves electricity, or electrical wires and switches are in the area, find a professional roofer and consider hiring an electrician too.  Another common concern is spotting a water stain on the ceiling.  In that event, if you are able, you’ll want to take a look in your attic to see if you discover a hole or water up there as well.  If it begins to rain, grab a bucket to catch the water and go up on a ladder to patch your roof.  Jobs you can do yourself include patching a hole or painting over a water spot that is left over from the damage that was done prior to your roof being fixed.  If a tree branch falls and damages your roof, hire a roofing contractor to repair the damage and install the shingles professionally. However, if you are physically able and have handyman skills, you can replace the shingles yourself.  But, if there is any hesitation, go ahead and call a roofer.  The work should minimal as should the price of the work be. Falling off the roof or not getting the repair done correctly could be much more costly.  Whatever you do, be wise.  Speak to a roofer if you are in doubt.  It is always better to play it safe than to end up sorry and one thing people tend to forget is that often times, your insurance will cover all or part of a professional roofing fee.

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