Fun Facts

Fun Facts About Albany, New York

Of the 50 states, Albany, NY has some of the most historical facts you can find, but also some of the strangest.  Let’s start with odd.

Perforated Toilet Paper

Did you know that Albany is home to the invention of perforated toilet paper? We’re not quite sure what happened before that.  It must have previously been one long roll and you just tear it and waste more than needed.  Yes, that means next time you’re wiping your a$$, be grateful for this city’s inclusion in the original 13 colonies when this area was settled in the late 1600’s.

Capital of the State

In 1797, Albany became New York’s state capital and created its own government system that still functions much like it did back then albeit serious improvements in technology and no more white wigs on peoples’ heads.  This area was originally a fur trading post named “Beverwijck” by the Dutch, but was then conquered by the English who rebranded it as Albany.  Thank god for that!  That last name was a weird one to pronounce.

Dead Bodies in Washington Park

The beautiful Washington Park plays host to numerous events in Albany these days such as the Tulip Festival, annual walkathon, and multiple rock concerts.  But, back in the 1800’s, it was used as a cemetery that held more than 30,000 bodies.  In mid-1840, everyone that was buried in Washington Park was removed and transferred to a Albany Rural Cemetery instead.

Gender Distribution Leans Toward Women

Most cities are an even split of males and females.  Albany tips the scales toward one side, with 52% women.  For guys, that means the odds are more in your favor if you stick around the state capital.  It also helps to know that the population is nearly 100,000 people.  That’s a lot of options!  Better start swiping.

Albany Doesn’t Have Many Famous People

jimmy fallon – albany’s favorite celebrity

Despite a reasonable population size, Albany doesn’t have many famous people.  Jimmy Fallon, host of the Tonight Show is the most well-known celebrity we’ve got. He went to college at Saint Rose and started his showed shortly thereafter.  Fallon broadcasts from the Rockefeller Center in New York City, a short 3 hour drive south of the capital.