Local Restaurants

Easy Restaurant Maintenance with Grease Traps

In today’s day and age, restaurants are a staple of everyday life.  They’re the places people look forward to going after a long day of work and where friends go to hangout, eat and drink together.  Restaurant maintenance isn’t easy though, especially in the kitchen where the food is cooked and prepared in large quantities.  Special commercial tools like grease traps are used in restaurants to help keep the staff and patrons safe and prevent environmental pollution.

The city of Albany has a few hundred well known restaurants scattered across the county.  Each of them sees a high volume of customer traffic during dinner hours, from 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM throughout the week.  On the weekends, even more hungry patrons show up to devour whatever tasty meals are being served.  When the food being cooked requires heavy amounts of fats and oils, it leads to an accumulation of grease.  Commercial kitchen hoods collect some of those vapors and send them out through the restaurant’s ventilation system, but it can’t catch everything.  The remaining particles build up and harden, becoming flammable and increasing the risk of a fire.  What’s strange is that hardly no local eateries use grease traps, which could help alleviate this concern.

Venture just 3 hours south to New York City and you’ll see 10 times more customers and restaurants at near capacity every day of the week because of the sheer number of people that live in areas like Manhattan, Queens, or Brooklyn.  These restaurants experience a heavier dose of grease vapors and accumulation because of their increased volume of cooking with oil over a fire.  Their solution to this issue is the aforementioned grease trap, also called a grease interceptor.  It’s a plumbing device that’s used to collect grease and solids before they enter the wastewater system.  The idea of this grease recovery device is to collect all of the waste and remove it right away so it doesn’t have a chance to build up or be released in the environment.  Hood cleaning companies can easily do grease trap installation for restaurants to prevent fires and stop oils from overwhelming septic tanks and water-treatment facilities.  It’s a simple fix eateries can make that can lessen the build-up of grease, which in turn decreases the chance of a fire.  On top of that, having these devices installed enables microorganisms to break down these fatty solutions before they can be released into the local water supply.  The cost for grease trap units are typically a few hundred bucks, which is a small price to pay to save people and the environment.