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Las Vegas Pool & Spa Day

If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas, you know how amazing that place is. We flew into North Las Vegas Airport and arrived on a red eye and we were so exhausted we didn’t even both trying to hit the clubs- we went straight to the ARIA Resort and Casino for a good night sleep. We would have done the MGM Grand, but the taxi driver took us to the wrong spot.  We slept in until about 11 AM, then went over to Caesars Palace for brunch and to play some slots. After blowing some money at the high roller tables for an hour or two, we went straight to the Mirage Pool to spend some time in the sun, take a dip in the water, and swim for a bit.

This luxury swimming pool was designed by Envy Pool Builders of Las Vegas. You can visit their website at to see their full portfolio.  They have developed more than 47 of the hotel swimming pools along the Vegas Strip and a number out in Paradise and Henderson as well.  Samantha sat there and read their brochure for 20 minutes! I was more concerned with enjoying the water. It was a perfect clear blue and probably 80 degrees. I’m actually surprised is wasn’t closed, but I’m not complaining.

The Mirage Pool is one of several famous attractions in the city. Another big one is the Palazzo Pool located inside the Venetian at 3325 S Las Vegas Blvd in the 89109 zip code. It normally closes at 5:00 PM, so we don’t go to that one as much.  If you’re in the mood for an outside oasis, you can always try the Garside Pool on Torrey Pines Drive in Clark County.  There’s always a lot of great options, which is one of the reasons I just love Nevada any time of the year.

Local Attractions

10 Attractions You Need to See in Albany

albany ny

Albany is the flourishing capital of New York.  Every year, it attracts thousands of visitors from across the country for its historical importance and interesting attractions, many of which are based around culture.  Albany’s population is roughly 98,000 people, who live in the 518 area-code, not far from the Hudson River.  Below are Albany’s top attractions that people love to visit.

New York State Museum

Location: 222 Madison Ave, Albany, NY 12230

The New York State Museum, located in the Empire State Plaza, was established on April 15, 1836 under the direction of Governor William Marcy at the state’s first official collection of arts, science, history, and cultural works.  It’s the largest museum in the United States with more than 100,000 square feet of exhibits, which the museum staff update periodically to reflect different topics.  It’s a hub of cultural and historical significance, holding a plethora of invaluable artifacts some of which are hundreds of years old.  Daily, the museum welcomes visitors from local elementary schools around the capital who want to see some of the 16 million specimens on display.

New York State Capitol

The New York State Capitol is a historical landmark and the home of New York’s government seat since the 1880’s.  The building was developed in the 19th century over the course of 32 years by 5 architects, using the latest in architectural designs (at the time). Visitors can take guided tours through the large building after a mandatory security check at the front door.  Inside the Capitol, you’ll find high ceilings, impressive acoustics, hundreds of stairs, and countless structures with ornate details.  Brace yourself because the walk from the street to the front door is a hike that people have called the “million-dollar staircase.”

USS Slater

1 Quay St, Albany, NY 12202

The USS Slater is the last remaining destroyer escort ship from World War II.  During the war, 563 of these ships battled the Nazi’s in the Atlantic Ocean, safeguarding American soldiers.  Year later, the destroyer escorts aided in protecting the United States Navy from the Japanese invasion at Pearl Harbor.  The USS Slater is the last remaining destroyer escort in the US, and it’s currently docked on the Hudson River in Albany, New York.  Over the years, the ship has been heavily restored to serve as a floating museum and historical icon.  The USS Slater now serves as a historical landmark, hosting guided tours, overnight camping excursions, and naval reunions, with the help of local volunteers.

Times Union Center

Location: 51 S Pearl St, Albany, NY 12207

The Times Union Center is Albany’s top indoor arena, built by Beltrone/MLB for $69.4 million.  The arena opened its doors in 1990, originally called the “Knickerbocker Arena”. One year later, the name was changed to the “Pepsi Arena”.  The regional newspaper, the Times Union, purchased the naming rights for the building in 2006 and renamed it the “Times Union Center”, which it remains today.  The arena holds up to 15,500 people during sporting events and includes 25 luxury suites that are typically sold-out.  It’s centrally located in Albany around hundreds of bars and restaurants, such as the Pearl Street Pub.  The Times Union Center is home to the Siena Saints MAAC basketball team and the Albany Empire Arena Football team.  It also hosts an array of events from sports to concert series.

Schuyler Mansion State Historic Site

The Schuyler mansion state historic site is a Georgian style manor that was built for Revolutionary War General Philip Schuyler starting in 1761.  The 18th century estate features Georgian architecture, and many of the General’s furniture, art, paintings, and personal belongings.  General Schuyler used this building as his primary residence and the location for political and military strategy meetings with one of the United States’ Founding Fathers, Alexander Hamilton.  This building is a national landmark that has been turned restored and turned into a museum.  Tours are given during the hours of 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM Wednesday through Sunday.

Washington Park

Washington Park is a 136-acre plot of land that serves as the location for numerous city-wide events throughout the year.  With a clean lake, sports fields, playgrounds, and endless greenery, the park is a great place for a casual stroll.  Washington Park is also the host of popular annual events, such as Dad Fest, a celebration of fathers, and the Albany Tulip Festival, which attracts more than one hundred local artisans who sell their handmade crafts and home-cooked foods.  The event features more than 140,000 tulips and live entertainment from famous musicians and bands of today.

Crossgates Mall

Location: 1 Crossgates Mall Rd, Albany, NY 12203

Crossgates Mall is Albany’s premier shopping and dining location, offering a huge array of more than 180 retailers, a large food court, more than 20 restaurants, and a newly renovated movie theater, Regal Cinemas with IMAX.  Crossgates Mall is easily accessible by bus or by car via I-87 and I-90.  This bustling shopping center features famous brands like Best Buy, Dick’s Sporting Goods, JC Penney’s, Macy’s, and many more.  Kids can enjoy the arcade area, tucked behind the food court.  Adults come to the mall for the sports bar Dave & Busters, where they can enjoy happy hour, watch live sports with other Albany locals, host parties, and even try some virtual reality gaming.

Albany Pine Bush Preserve

The Albany Pine Bush Preserve is a 3,200-acre nature preserve that protects more than 1,500 plant and animal species, some of which have been classified as endangered by the Federal government.  The grounds offer 18 miles of walking trails through sand dunes, a national bird conservation area, and natural gardens.  This one-of-a-kind ecosystem is protected by paid staff and several volunteers who focus on environmental education and research.  The Albany Pine Bush Preserve is frequently visited by classrooms of students who are learning about biology.  The discovery center building contains interactive exhibits that are perfect for expanding young minds.

Albany, New York is an interesting location that blends history, culture, and environmental significance.  Next time you’re traveling in New York State, visit the capital and check out some of the top 8 attractions Albany has to offer. In addition, please support Albany’s local businesses.